Custom cob led


From “idea” to prototype production, we have been helping customers to solve the “special” COB needed in the project.

The customization process of Chip-on-board LED is very easy:

1.Give us your project target specifications and we’ll review them to make sure we have all the details.(basic dimensions,electrical parameters, colors, etc.)

2.We make sure your project information and customized designs are protected,At the same time, our team will evaluate and establish a preliminary plan.

3.After the preliminary plan was confirmed,we began to enter the design phase.Our team performs CAD modeling and optical simulations to provide you with an exact COB LED solution that will match your target specs.

4.We provide professional and rapid prototype production,saving a lot of time and cost for your project development.

Quick response, Short development cycle, Stable quality and supply the most cost-ffective products on the market are the direction we have been always working hard on.

Try to contact us to solve the problem in your COB LED application.


What is the customization process of COB LED?

1.Submit your target specs

According to specific projects, propose the overall dimensions of COB(It is better to provide CAD drawings or dimension diagrams), electrical parameters, color and other detailed requirements;

2.In-depth feasibility

Describe the needs of the project in detail, and we will provide effective suggestions based on experience; discuss the product feasibility and preliminarily determine the design scheme;

3.Let’s start

Pay design and development expenses;


Design and produce prototypes for project testing, provide you with an exact solution that will match your target specs;

5.Mass Production

When you’re satisfy with your prototype, let’s move to mass production and we will supply continuous after-sales service.

What is the development cycle and cost of COB LED?

Usually, the development cycle of a prototype is about 2 weeks after the design scheme is determined (there may be some unknown problems in new product development);

The development cost will vary due to the difficulty of product design and production;

The mass production cycle is about 2 weeks (depending on the production scheduling)

What are the features of COB LED?

Green environmental protection,Service life up to 50000h,High dimensional accuracy; Uniform luminescence, High brightness, Color saturation, High quality and reliability.

What are your advantages?

We can customize any shape, size, any color, electrical parameters etc.our primary goal in serving is to take a design idea from prototype to production, and we have a professional technical team to provide rapid feedback so that your needs can be confirmed in the shortest time.

Quick response, Short development cycle, Stable quality and supply the most cost-effective products on the market are the direction we have been always working hard on.

How are COB products quoted?

About quotation:we quote for specific inquiry and don’t send a complete price list without any requirement.

What is the MOQ?

Since we are customized products, we do not have a minimum order quantity requirement, but different quantities will have different production costs.

What is your warranty?

We offer a (3) three year warranty on all components and good after-sales service.

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