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Our customers were almost invariably very surprised when they first received the prototype. They believe that moving from an “idea” to a prototype is a magical thing, and the actual prototype is always beyond their imagination. We are very gratifying to be able to give you this “surprise”.
We enjoy constantly solving practical application problems of COB LED, you can count on us.


What Are COB LEDs?


Chip-on-Board LED or “COB” LED refers to a single module with many LED chips which high density mounted on thermally efficient silicon carbide or sapphire substrate board, and placed below uniform phosphor coating.

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What is the benefit of COB LED?

COB LED has the characteristics of good luminous uniformity, high luminous efficiency, good heat dissipation effect, and low production cost etc. using COB LED technology will increase the number of LED light chips many times, and can also greatly reduce the footprint and energy consumption of the LED light array while keep the light output constant.

The important is that it can be design according to the project requirements to meet the application’s shape and size, and design the details of electrical parameters etc. that meet the requirements.


Which is better SMD or COB LED?

SMD and COB LED choose suitable solution based on different application environments.

Relatively speaking, COB light more high efficient due to higher density of light output and the fact that they use fewer components, COB LED module have more uniform luminous effect. while SMD has better effect performance in some special wavebands, such as UV and UVC etc. application.


Is COB LED better than LED? What is the difference between LED and COB LED?

Simply put, COB LED are brighter, consume less power, and output more higher quality beam of light compared to older LED technologies. in COB LED, you’ll have more simpler circuit design which produces compact light.

COB LED is a subdivided category of LED which has more flexible design ideas. regardless from the overall dimension, electrical parameter, light color etc. various aspects, all it can custom design and production as required.

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Cutomize your COB LED now?


What Can We Do for You?


  • Customize The Size—any size within 1200*600mm.
  • Customize The Shape—custom LED COB strip light, square, circular, ring, letters, numbers, logos, various special-shape.
  • Customize The LES(light emitting surface)Shape—square, circular, triangular, various special-shape.
  • Customize The Color—W, R, G, B, Y, Ice Blue, Cyan, UV, IR etc single color, multi-colors.
  • Customize The Color temperature 2500-20000K, Waveband, Spectrum, CRI 97, Lumen.
  • Customize The Electrical Parameter—power, current, voltage, etc.
  • Customize The Substrate Material—aluminum, FR4, FPC, ceramic, copper, etc.
  • Customize The Function—PCBA design, supply design and processing services according to the scheme.
  • Customize Modular—supply post welding, and connector, lens etc. processing services.

We can customize high CRI LED, such as CRI 90 LED, CRI 98 LED etc. we can customize high power LED, with power up to 3000W, and we can also customize specific LED spectrum, and more. . .

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Cutomize your COB LED now?


The COB LED issue we can solve


We often encounter some questions from customers:

  • What voltage is COB LED?

Usually, we set the working voltage of COB LED to 3V/6V/9V/12V/24V etc according to the requirements, more working voltage can be customize according to your requirements.

  • Do COB LEDs need resistors?

Deside whether or not to set resistors based on the design requirements of the project.

  • Do COB LEDs need drivers?

Yes, the drivers that meet the working electrical requirements of COB LEDs are required.

  • Are COB LEDs dimmable?

Yes, we can design dimmable COB LEDs.

  • Is COB LED waterproof?

Yes, COB LED is waterproof.

  • What is the maximum length of COB LED?

At present, we can produce max length of 1200mm. for longer and larger products, we will choose seamless splicing way to complete.

                      . . . . . .

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—Supporting complex circuit design, extreme design.

—Modular, accessories, plug and play etc personalized settings.

—Solve the difficulties encountered in the application field of COB LED, design seems “complex” COB LED products, dealing with limit issues in design, meet the design requirements of new products from various perspectives such as shape, electrical parameters, and light color, etc.

Design and produce custom COB LED is our main job, when the shape, dimension, electrical parameters etc details of standard products cannot fully comply with your project application, you can try contact us to design a product that fully meets the requirements. We are happy to work together to design a privatized COB LED that only meets your needs, in order to make your product more commercially valuable.

We address the design and production of non-standard COB LED products, while also supply the standard products’ production services.


Cutomize your COB LED now?


The Application of COB LEDs


We customize arbitrary shape COB LED products for different projects, design every product that perfectly meets the application based on the different detail requirements of different projects for COB LED.

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Cutomize your COB LED now?


Why cooperate with us?


  • The strong factory strength

1500㎡ autonomous factory building, first-class COB LED packaging equipments, 26 R&D and technical personnel of various types, with 126 employees.

Serving many projects in countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Poland, Japan, etc.

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  • The professional technical capability

The professional team of engineers, with decades of design and development experience, developed 3000+ products.

We design and produce high-quality, high-reliability products to meet the needs of many customers’ projects, you can trust us.


  • The Perfect service

Engineer 1VS1 free consultation.

Free preliminary scheme.

1-2 weeks rapid prototype.

7*24 consulting.

3-years warranty, comprehensive after-sales service system.

Support small batch customization service.

Cutomize your COB LED now?



What is the customization process of COB LED?

1.Submit your target specs

According to specific projects, propose the overall dimensions of COB(It is better to provide CAD drawings or dimension diagrams), electrical parameters, color and other detailed requirements;

2.In-depth feasibility

Describe the needs of the project in detail, and we will provide effective suggestions based on experience; discuss the product feasibility and preliminarily determine the design scheme;

3.Let’s start

Pay design and development expenses;


Design and produce prototypes for project testing, provide you with an exact solution that will match your target specs;

5.Mass Production

When you’re satisfy with your prototype, let’s move to mass production and we will supply continuous after-sales service.

What is the development cycle and cost of COB LED?

Usually, the development cycle of a prototype is about 2 weeks after the design scheme is determined (there may be some unknown problems in new product development);

The development cost will vary due to the difficulty of product design and production;

The mass production cycle is about 2 weeks (depending on the production scheduling)

What are the features of COB LED?

Green environmental protection,Service life up to 50000h,High dimensional accuracy; Uniform luminescence, High brightness, Color saturation, High quality and reliability.

What are your advantages?

We can customize any shape, size, any color, electrical parameters etc.our primary goal in serving is to take a design idea from prototype to production, and we have a professional technical team to provide rapid feedback so that your needs can be confirmed in the shortest time.

Quick response, Short development cycle, Stable quality and supply the most cost-effective products on the market are the direction we have been always working hard on.

How are COB products quoted?

About quotation:we quote for specific inquiry and don’t send a complete price list without any requirement.

What is the MOQ?

Since we are customized products, we do not have a minimum order quantity requirement, but different quantities will have different production costs.

What is your warranty?

We offer a (3) three year warranty on all components and good after-sales service.

If you need more information or suggestions, now contact us please:

Cutomize your COB LED now?