LED COB 50w High power High CRI Custom

LED Chip Ultra-High power High CRI-W

We offer high power COB LED 50w-2000w full parameter ranged customized,up to 2000W Custom High CRI Full Spectrum High Power LED.

We achieves a higher Color Rendering Index (CRI) versus conventional lighting products widely used in general lighting today.Our High Power High CRI COB LED product>>

High power COB LED 50w-200w are all about efficiency and lowering forward voltage (Vf) to achieve a higher lumen/watt,high performance COB offering,ultra-high power,high Ra value & high CRI(CRI97+), multi-color array design (RGB / RGBW).

By integration with all features,we can ensure that we can provide higher power output,color stability, well multi-color mixing, uniformity, sharp light, and the most important is the true color results.

Powered by proprietary phosphor technology,our custom CoB product ranges can now deliver 97+ CRI performance (97 CRI under typical operating conditions), for the most impactful and accurate display of color in applications such as high impact retail and indoor area lighting. Coupled with R9 > 90,we are achieving a new standard in CoB lighting. “As lighting becomes more crucial to the overall design of a retail or indoor environment, color quality requirements have also grown more stringent.we are addressing these needs with the addition of minimum 95 CRI CoB LEDs, so that we can help our customers achieve the most stunning and effective displays.

The high CRI CoB LED utilize a standard wavelength die, continue to deliver the lowest thermal resistance in the industry. These minimum 95 CRI parts are available in wavelength custom too, so that you can have the highest light quality without compromising on efficacy requirements.

By integration with all features we can ensure that next generation COB LED lighting can provide higher power output, color stability, well multi-color mixing, uniformity, sharp light bin angle, and the most important is the true color.

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