Our quality

Our quality goal is simple:

Making your product, to your standards, every time.

SHININGEASY has dozens of advanced COB production lines,first-class technical engineers to maintain the high quality product,The professional design and development team provides the best advice for each unique project with years of rich experience in production management and cost control.

We cooperate with world-lass chip manufacturers like Bridgelux,Epistar,Lumileds and Seoul Semiconductor etc.High quality COB LED products we produce have the high CRI,Using thermoelectric separation of substrate,The heat dissipating performance is good,Thermal resistance < 2.5℃,The thickness of the COB board is from 0.5-5.0mm, the dimensional accuracy error is 0.02mm,and the hole accuracy is 0.3mm.The packaging glue of COB uses world-class brands such as Loctite, DOWSIL, etc., to ensure high luminous efficiency of the chip,and good performance in the uniformity and smoothness of the COB surface.

Through the excellent advantages of COB to ensure product quality,our cob products:

1. Superior performance: COB technology eliminates the requirements for the connection of leading wire, increases the connection density of I/O, makes the product’s performance more reliable and stable.

2. Higher integration level: the pin connection between the chip and the application circuit board is eliminated,improved the integration of the product.

3. Smaller volume: it reduces the volume of COB Application module and expands the application space of COB module.

4. Usability and simplified technical process: COB board eliminates the welding and other process that must be passed when using the chip, reduces the difficulty of product use, simplifies the product process and enhances product ease of use.

5. Lower cost: COB technology is directly packaged on PCB board, the design of user board is simpler, which can be realized only by single-layer board, effectively reducing the cost of the embedded products.

Our Quality Policy

Focus on R&D, Leading equipment,High quality COB LED strength manufacturer;

Professional customer service, Quick response; Fast delivery.

Exceeding customer requirements and expectations in every aspect of cost, delivery, quality, and service.

We provide help for the special COB LED which used in the project to achieve perfect optical requirements, improve the quality of the whole project and realize the maximum commercial value of the project.