Our service

To support our clients in the adoption of our LED COB technology, SHININGEASY has a strong focus on increasing industry capacity via skills and product training, information & data management (Green and Environmental Protection, energy savings etc) and project results analysis.

The services we offer:

  • Customize your own LED COB and SMD LED PCB (printed circuit board), in line with the exclusive project products!
  • Complete electronic circuit, schematic design,LED COB technology solutions.
  • SCM development, software design, program’s burn CD-ROM and other technical support
  • Provide complete set of hardware and software solutions, according to your ideas, qualitative development and design
  • Any LED COB that meets your needs, we will try our best to design and customize it!
  • We have a barrier-free product design and manufacturing capabilities, we have been working hard to improve our problem-solving capabilities to help your problems  in your LED COB and SMD PCB applications.
  • Please contact us with your individual COB LED needs, To solve all the problems in your LED COB applications.