We are China leader Chip on board LED custom Manufacturer, offering the full choices of LED COB products from round, square, strip, and customized to any of your requirements.

Wide range of sizes, color temperature and power.creating a fashionable energy-saving solution for all kinds of LED related fields.

Shiningeasy is proud to serve the customization industry by providing our custom design and manufacture services of LED COB related products.

We design your samples in 24 hours.
We build prototypes in 7-14 days.
We deliver in 1-2 days.

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COB LED strip is constructed differently vs a normal LED strip. Instead of soldering SMD LED packages to the strip material a lot of tiny LEDs are place on the LED strip and then covered using COB translucent material. Because of this material all LEDs blend together and it distributes the light instead of the individual LED packages making it so that it really seems like a continuous “stripe” or line of LED light instead of lots of individual LEDs. It gives a very different effect vs a standard LED strip and especially when the strip itself will be visible (no indirect lighting) it can really be a nice effect and standout!

Shiningeasy is committed to custom personalized UV LED PCB 365-430nm, multi UV waveband and multiple optical power combination. 3535/6565 etc various LED chip specifications are adopt, the power, luminous angle etc can be design,which are widely used in medical,beauty,printing,curing and so many fields.

COB LED Panel have a uniform light emitting surface (LES) that make them a great replacement for traditional spot sources. As a single, pre-binned unit, COB LEDs also have a more consistent colour temperature than luminaires made with multiple discrete LEDs.with more luminous output from a smaller area than a group of SMD LEDs, CoB lights are not only more space efficient but can create a tighter beam angle.

With efficient, homogenous light output from a spot source, COB technology has made LED lighting a candidate for many new applications, but perhaps its biggest impact on the industry has been its ease of use, simplifying LED design reducing time to market for modern solutions.our custom COB solutions more leads you to success.

COB LED chips offer very high luminous fluxes from small size packages and thus allow flexible design.this gives you  more freedom, when designing. COB packages usually have excellent uniformity of light from light emitting surface, this is important.Let me know your freedom idea of COB LED design now.

Chip-on-Board LED technology describes the mounting of a bare LED chip in direct contact with the substrate to produce LED arrays. It is a method of LED packaging which has a number of advantages over traditional surface mount technologies.due to the small size of the LED chip,chip-on-Board technology allows for a much higher packing density than surface mount technology.this results in higher intensity & greater uniformity for the user.ideal for tail light applications.

Design and personalized customization the LED PCB(Printed circuit board) solution for medical film viewer,medical equipment,Curing equipment,plant growth,beauty,lighting etc.And We can use multi waveband and multi color combination design to achieve the best application effect.

High efficacy chip on board LED strip luminous and color uniformity.enables halogen replacement.offers a variety of watts for design choosing.suitable for using with secondary optics (lens and reflector).High Lm/w,High CRI,High reliability,Long service life as 50.000hours.

We offer advantaged UVC-LED PCB board custom-made products - all with high performance and reliability at an affordable cost.UVC-LEDs are available at standard wavelengths of 270-280nm. UVC-LEDs are earth friendly and can be custom designed for a myriad of applications,new applications are transforming the UVC-LED market, and the custom UVC LED PCB are applicable to many important applications including: BIOMEDICINE Fighting infectious disease with UVC-LED light offers great promise to the future of global health. PURIFICATION With the ability to purify the air and water, plus decontaminate surfaces, UVC-LED contributes to a cleaner world for us to live in. CURING UV-LEDs are great for curing and hardening in industrial applications such as printing and manufacturing. INSTRUMENTATION Using UVC-LEDs in the laboratory paves the way for new drug discoveries, improved DNA assessment and advanced measurement.

We design and produce custom chip-on-board LED solutions from COB LED arrays to complete turnkey solutions. The advantages of Chip-on-Board LED arrays include: Compactness structure,small size,High-Intensity,High-Uniformity,Superior Thermal Performance for better lifetime,stability and reliability

The COB LED has good thermal performance,long lifetime,and lower power loss.the light creates a totally smooth,seamless line of light,the superior design will not show visible dots or hot spots. We offer a wide design COB LED solution range from different power,voltage and shape.

The advantages of COB LED arrays include:Compactness due to small size of chip,High-Intensity particularly at close distance,High-Uniformity even at close working distances,Superior Thermal Performance for better lifetime,stability and reliability.the special shape COB LED chip which we customized for you certainly can maintain these features.

Our COB LED for tail light features superior visibility with hi-end COB LED technology,high brightness,providing a new level of's the better choice of safety lights for bike riders or Automotive industry.

We are supply simple and effective low energy LED aluminum PCB lighting solutions suitable for a variety of applications. With the ability to manufacture a completely custom finished solution,we can enhance your application today. We are supply complete electronic design, SCM development services, electronic product software design, program burning, solution; electronic product hardware development, schematic design, technical support, etc.

We provide wide range shapes of chip on board LED tailor-made service as different power, voltage and shape etc,the fresh design through the customized PCB and finial combinations.we are surely to serve you on the wonderful custom COB LED Systems.

We supply the custom design service of RGB RGBW RGBYW COB LED multi-Color array. We custom shape, round, square, strip, special shape, like RGB COB LED Strip etc. and use brand chips, like Bridgelux chips, Epistar chips, Epileds chips etc. and success to leverage our excellent knowledge&experience to achieve the high color performance,uniformity,multi-color mixing,high output,high CRI values etc.

Built to the highest standard with optimal PCB materials, the range caters for all budgets and light requirements.Simple and effective low energy LED aluminum PCB lighting solutions suitable for a variety of applications. With the ability to manufacture a completely custom finished solution for you, We can enhance your application today. professional skills and experience in LED PCB(COB LED Panel) design,we commence customization of LED PCB board design manufacturing from 2007 with deep understanding of optical-electrical characteristics, industrial experience and manufacturing skills,and specialized in serving applications that have specific demands for light quality.

Highly efficient "chip-on-board" (COB) LED with astonishing light output and compact design.custom different shapesfor wide range of applications.As a bicycle light,can be attached to either the seatpost, the frame or the helmet and thus be used as a rear light.also makes the light weaable on clothing or backpacks and can be used for running or walking.also can be as the dog can be tracked even if it runs far. Our custom solution is perfect for those looking for a multifunctional taillight that they can use for various application.