Chip-On-Board LED Strip Linear Chip

COB LED strip has a wide range of customization,covering special strips used in various fields such as special-shaped strip, flexible strip,bendable strip,UV strip and RGB strip.strong design and development ability.chip on board led strip one-stop solution,supply OEM&ODM service.

COB light strip is constructed differently vs a normal LED strip.instead of soldering SMD LED packages to the boards,a lot of tiny LEDs are place on the strip and then covered using translucent material.because of this material all LEDs blend together and it distributes the light instead of the individual LED packages making it so that it really seems like a continuous “stripe” or line of LED light instead of lots of individual gives a very nice and standout effect vs standard LED strip.

The most innovative COB LED strip was the chip on board COB LED flexible strip.its high-density chips provide a uniform light line without any dot or dark spots.the COB LED light strip are easy to install and gives a better lighting effect.CRI>85,higher CRI increases the superior lighting effect and higher performance.