Designs Chip-On-Board LED For Your Unique Style

Custom led cob

To support our clients in the adoption of our Chip-on-board LED technology,SHININGEASY has a strong focus on increasing industry capacity via skills and product training,information & data management ( Green and Environmental Protection,energy savings etc) and project results analysis.

The services we offer: 

—Customize your own Chip-on-board LED and SMD PCB (printed circuit board),in line with the exclusive project products!

—Complete electronic circuit,schematic design,technical solutions.

—SCM development,software design,program’s burn CD-ROM and other technical support.

—Provide complete set of hardware and software solutions,according to your ideas,qualitative development and design.

—Any LED COB that meets your needs,we will try our best to design and customize it!

We have a barrier-free product design and manufacturing capabilities,we have been working hard to improve our problem-solving capabilities to help your problems  in your LED COB and SMD PCB applications.

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From “idea” to prototype production, we have been helping customers to solve the “special” COB needed in the project.

The customization process of COB LED is very easy:

1.Give us your project target specifications and we’ll review them to make sure we have all the details.(basic dimensions,electrical parameters,colors,etc.)

2.We make sure your project information and customized designs are protected,At the same time,our team will evaluate and establish a preliminary plan.

3.After the preliminary plan was confirmed,we began to enter the design phase.Our team performs CAD modeling and optical simulations to provide you with an exact COB LED solution that will match your target specs.

4.We provide professional and rapid prototype production,saving a lot of time and cost for your project development.

Try to contact us to solve the problem in your COB LED application. Our COB product Video>>

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