Are COB LEDs dimmable?

COB LED dimmable

Yes, the COB LED light source can be dimmed. dimming refers to controlling the intensity of light by changing the brightness or output current of a light source.

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There are several main methods for dimming COB light sources:
1. PWM dimming: Using pulse width modulation (PWM) technology, the brightness of the LED chip is controlled by changing the ratio of the high-level and low-level time of the signal. This is a commonly used digital dimming method widely used in LED lighting systems.
2. Current dimming: Adjust the brightness of the light source by changing the input current of the LED chip. The dimming effect of COB light source can be achieved by adjusting the size of the driving current. This dimming method is more common in certain application scenarios.
3. Dimming module: Use a dedicated dimming module to connect to the COB light source, and control the brightness of the light source by adjusting the output signal or voltage of the module. This method is commonly used in situations where precise and adjustable brightness is required.

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It should be noted that the specific dimming method depends on the design of the COB light source and the selected driving circuit. When dimming COB light sources, relevant operating instructions and safety regulations should be followed to ensure correct dimming and protect the normal operation and lifespan of the light source.

The causes of problems with COB LED dimmable light sources may be unstable power supply voltage, high or low current, damaged LED chips, and control circuit failures. The method to solve the problem of COB LED dimmable light source: 1. Check whether the power voltage is stable. If it is not stable, measures should be taken to stabilize the power voltage. 2. Check if the current is too high or too low, and if so, take measures to adjust the current. 3. Check if the LED chip is damaged, and if so, replace it with a new LED chip. 4. Check if there is a malfunction in the control circuit, and if so, replace it with a new control circuit.


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