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Unlike traditional SMD packaging, COB LED packaging involves packaging a single or multiple chips directly onto an aluminum/copper substrate, which can enhance the heat dissipation performance of LEDs. due to the advantages of low thermal resistance, low assembly cost, and excellent optical uniformity, COB packaging has been widely used.

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This product is sensitive to static electricity, therefore effective protective measures must be taken when using this product. Especially, the high-voltage current generated by static electricity can exceed the maximum rated value of the product, which may damage the product or completely damage it. Customers should take safety measures to prevent static electricity and surges when using the product. Ground resistance ≤ 10 ohms. The use of anti-static wristbands, anti-static pads, anti-static work clothes, work shoes, gloves, and anti-static containers are all effective measures to prevent static electricity and surges. The soldering iron head should be properly grounded.

Welding: Manual welding using soldering iron: It is recommended to use soldering iron less than 20W, and the temperature of the soldering iron must be maintained at no more than 300 ℃, and the welding time should not exceed 3 seconds.

Cleaning: After welding, cleaning must be carried out according to the following conditions. Cleaning agent: isopropanol or industrial alcohol (above 95 ° C) Temperature: up to 50 ° C for 30 seconds, up to 30 ° C for 3 minutes Ultrasonic cleaning: up to 300W.

Avoid applying mechanical stress to the LED, and do not touch the optical surface with your fingers or sharp objects to avoid damaging the LED surface and affecting its optical performance. before testing or lighting up the light source, the protective film must be removed before testing or lighting up, when removing the protective film, avoid hands or other objects colliding with the gel and use anti-static tweezers to remove it.

We will also indicate the precautions for using COB LEDs with the goods, hoping that COB LEDs can serve a wider range of industries.

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