Do COB LEDs need drivers?

Do COB LEDs need drivers

COB LED light source is integrated chip, and also a type of chips, it requires driving power supply.

Generally speaking, the method for matching and driving COB LED light sources is: wide voltage DC power supply. input 110-220V, the output voltage is designed according to the working needs of the COB, common examples include 3V/6V/9V/12V/24V, etc. the current is constant, so we can say the brightness of the COB can be controlled by adjusting the output current. usually, we will design the working voltage according to the different requirements of the specific project, making its application extremely convenient.

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COB LED light source is a high light efficiency integrated surface light source technology where LED chips are directly attached to a high reflectivity mirror metal substrate, this technology eliminates the concept of a bracket and eliminates electroplating, reflow soldering, and SMD processes, as a result, the process is reduced by nearly one-third and costs are saved by one-third.
COB LED light source can be simply understood as a high-power integrated surface light source, the output area and external dimensions of the light source can be designed based on the product’s external structure.
Product features:
1. Stable electrical performance, scientific and reasonable circuit design, optical design, and heat dissipation design;
2. Adopting heat sink technology to ensure that LED has an industry-leading heat flux maintenance rate (95%).
3. Facilitate the secondary optical matching of the product and improve the lighting quality.;
4. High color rendering, uniform luminescence, no light spots, healthy and environmentally friendly.
5. Easy to install and use, reducing the difficulty of design, saving processing and subsequent maintenance costs.

COB LED matches appropriate drive power sources based on design and project requirements to ensure low voltage operation, safety, and efficiency. our design team will design electrical parameters based on the actual situation of the specific project, which is also a manifestation of COB LED’s flexibility in use.

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