What is the maximum length of COB LED?

the maximum length of COB LED

COB LED strip lights can be used virtually anywhere to introduce powerful lighting in a variety of colours and brightness, flexible and versatile, COB LED strips provide an effective lighting solution for a range of applications.
COB LED light strip have been used predominantly in accent and decorative lighting applications. However, the enhanced performance of today’s products has ensured a far wider reaching use.

How to customize COB LED products?>>

COB LED can custom available in a variety of lengths, shapes, many products are narrow and flexible enough to be used to great effect in awkward areas. As with all LEDs, COB LED light strips boast low energy consumption. From single colours to colour changing options, COB LED light strips can be used cost-effectively to create a wide range of different lighting effects. Furthermore, if used in conjunction with a suitable transformer or controller, almost all LED light strips are dimmable.

We can customize the working voltage, LM output, color temperature, different lengths and other detailed requirements of COB according to the project requirements. at present, we can custom complete the length of 1200mm, for longer and larger COB LED products, we will choose seamless splicing to complete it.

Design and produce custom COB LED is our main job, when the shape, dimension, electrical parameters etc details of standard products cannot fully comply with your project application, you can try contact us to design a product that fully meets the requirements. We are happy to work together to design a privatized COB LED that only meets your needs, in order to make your product more commercially valuable.

We address the design and production of non-standard COB LED products, while also supply the standard products’ production services.

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Shiningeasy is proud to serve the customization industry by providing our custom design and manufacture services of LED COB related products.

We design your samples in 24 hours.
We build prototypes in 7-14 days.
We deliver in 1-2 days.

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