Do I need resistor with COB LED?

COB LED with resistor

Do I need resistor with COB LED?

The brightness of COB is determined by the magnitude of the current, so it is necessary to control the magnitude of the current through circuit. A commonly used current control method is to limit the current through a resistor. In the circuit of COB, the current can be limited by serializing resistors in the circuit, thereby controlling the brightness of the COB.

Yes, if they are wired in series. But if they are in parallel, you need one resistor for each LED. Or you can wire LEDs in a series string with one resistor, and wire those strings in parallel. The reason: The amount of light from the LED is proportional to the current going though it.

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The basic COBs don’t have any kind of current limiting, so they are very sensitive to supply voltage. It is usually necessary to use a driver circuit that limits the current over a range of supply voltage. To limit the current to be less than the rated value.

1. Add resistor to COB LED circuits to reduce working current.

2. COB LED don’t necessarily require resistor, if the power supply is constant current, resistor is not necessary. However, because LED nonlinear components are sensitive to power and voltage, they cannot be controlled by voltage. The brightness of COB LED chips is mainly controlled by current. Add resistor is to limit current, but in fact, add resistor can affect the conversion efficiency of COB LED. Small power LED can ignore the loss of resistance, while high-power LED are usually directly powered by a constant current power supply.

3. Add resistor to COB LED is ultimately because if no resistor is added, the COB LED will cause severe heating of the PN junction due to excessive working current, which will burn out the PN junction. Excessive voltage clearly leads to excessive current and exacerbates light decay. Shorten the lifespan of COB LED.

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