What is the lifespan of COB LED?

COB LED lifespan

In the field of electrical lighting, the rise of COB (Chip on Board) technology has become a true revolution. Compared to traditional LED light sources, COB light sources have many advantages.

Firstly, COB light sources have a small volume and high brightness. Using COB technology, hundreds or even thousands of LED chips can be densely integrated together to form a highly integrated and ultra high brightness light source. Under the same volume and power conditions, the brightness of COB light sources is several times higher than traditional LED light sources, and can even achieve high brightness effects at the LUXeon FX level.

The illumination of the light source is more uniform. Due to the integration of multiple LED chips together, COB light sources can form a larger and more comprehensive light source, resulting in more uniform lighting and various lighting methods such as “ceiling lighting” or “straight series”. In addition, COB light sources can be designed more flexibly to emit light in multiple areas, achieving lighting requirements of different sizes, color temperatures, and even brightness.

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COB light sources have a longer lifespan. Due to the dense integration of hundreds or thousands of LED chips in COB light sources, the heat generated is more evenly distributed, and the use of high-end heat dissipation technology greatly reduces the probability of LED chip damage due to overheating. Therefore, the lifespan of COB light sources can reach or even exceed 100000 hours, significantly extending their lifespan compared to traditional light sources.

But the actual service life depends on multiple factors, including quality, current drive, heat dissipation, etc. Generally speaking, COB light sources can have a longer lifespan under normal usage conditions, but the specific situation varies depending on product quality and usage conditions. Therefore, it is recommended to use it reasonably, install it correctly, and maintain it in a timely manner to extend the service life of the light source.

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