Do COB LEDs get hot?


Yes, they can get hot. However, they have improved heat resistance, dissipation paths, and thermal performance compared to many LED variants.
When it comes to whether COB LEDs get hot, you first need to understand how COB LEDs work and how they differ from traditional lighting technology. Let’s dig into it:

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How COB LEDs work
COB is the abbreviation of “Chip-on-Board”, which refers to multiple LED chips installed directly on a small LED module. These LED chips are arranged closely together, usually in a tightly stacked layer. This design allows COB LEDs to integrate multiple LED chips in a smaller space, providing higher brightness and efficiency.
Compared with traditional LED, the key difference of COB LEDs is that they integrate multiple LED chips in a compact area, so their light output is more uniform and reduces the problem of multiple shadows. This feature makes COB LEDs particularly useful in many different areas.

The heat generated by COB LEDs is closely related to its working principle. When current passes through LED chips, they generate a certain amount of heat. This is due to the collision of electrons inside the chip, causing energy to be converted into heat. However, COB LEDs produce much less heat than traditional incandescent bulbs or fluorescent lamps.

COB LEDs are typically designed to be very focused, meaning multiple LED chips are placed in a compact space. Therefore, heat dissipation is crucial. COB LEDs usually need carefully design heat dissipation systems to quickly conduct the generated heat to the external environment of the LED. These cooling systems can use aluminum alloy radiators, fans or other cooling devices to ensure that COB LEDs maintain a stable temperature during long-term operation.

The operating temperature of COB LEDs is generally in the lower range, which helps extend the life of the LED and improve energy efficiency. In practical applications, the temperature of COB LEDs is usually between 30 and 50 degrees Celsius, which is safe in the vast majority of cases. Not only that, the light output of COB LEDs is less affected by temperature, which means they are able to provide consistent lighting effects across a wide range of environmental conditions.

COB LEDs get hot is a matter of concern, especially when considering their safety, long life and applicability, we understand that the safety and long life of COB LEDs are crucial to our customers. Our products are designed to provide safe, reliable and long-lasting lighting solutions to meet the needs of a variety of applications. Whether you need commercial lighting or lighting solutions in other fields, ShiningEasy’s COB LEDs are your trustworthy choice.

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