How is COB LED made?

How is COB LED made
COB LED is a compact and high brightness light source that integrates multiple LED chips into a single package, which have the characteristics of, high reliability, and high heat dissipation. Simply put, which is made as follows:

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Substrate preparation: The first step is to select a suitable substrate as the bottom support for the COB light source, usually using metal materials such as aluminum or copper substrates, and coating the substrate with thermal conductive adhesive or thermal conductive adhesive for fixation and heat dissipation.
Paste LED chips: Paste multiple LED chips onto the substrate according to the design requirements. Automated equipment is usually used for precise positioning and pasting of LED chips. Avoid creating gaps or bubbles that can lead to poor heat dissipation.
Circuit connection: Use materials such as gold/copper wire or conductive adhesive to connect the LED chip to the leads or circuits on the substrate. This requires high-precision welding equipment and technology to ensure firm welding and consistent results.
Thermal treatment: Fill the gaps between LED chips and substrates with thermal conductive materials such as thermal adhesive and thermal adhesive to improve heat dissipation efficiency. Provide good electrical connections and heat conduction.
Packaging and curing: Place the COB light source in a specific curing device and use methods such as UV irradiation or thermal curing to cure the thermal conductive adhesive or adhesive to ensure stable connection between the LED chip and substrate. Packaging enhances mechanical strength and durability, and can also adjust the direction of light to enhance its utilization.
Light testing: Conduct light testing on COB light sources, including performance testing such as brightness, color temperature, and color uniformity. This is done through equipment with optical testing capabilities to ensure that the quality of COB meets the requirements, and to reprocess or eliminate non-conforming products.
Sorting and packaging: After completed the lighting test, the COB light source is sorted and packaged, usually using packaging glue, plastic boxes, or tape for protection.

By complete these steps, high-performance and highly reliable products can be obtained. With the continuous development of COB LED technology, COB LED will be more widely used in various industries.

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