COB LED Application For Medical Beauty Industry

Photography COB LED

The application of COB LED in medical beauty as a new type of light source, with its biological effects gradually being recognized, is currently gradually being applied in medicine and playing a positive role.

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The biological effects of COB LEDs depend on different optical parameters, include wavelength, flow rate, power density, irradiation time, continuous wave or pulse wave, as well as treatment frequency, treatment interval, etc. Different wavelengths can reach different positions in skin tissue. The penetration depth of different wavelengths in skin tissue varies, and generally speaking, the longer the wavelength, the stronger the penetration ability.
Meanwhile, light of different wavelengths can be absorbed by different color bases in tissues. In clinical practice, red light (630nm-700nm) is often used to treat deep skin tissue structures, such as sebaceous glands; Blue light (400nm-470nm) is used in photodynamic therapy (PDT) to treat skin lesions located on the epidermis; If you want to reach the dermis of the skin, you need a longer wavelength. For example, a wavelength of 660nm can reach the reticular layer of the dermis and act on skin fibroblasts in the dermis. This is also one of the principles of LED light sources used for photon rejuvenation and skin disease detection.

The application of LED in dermatology is defined as the use of continuous strong pulsed light for non stripping skin rejuvenation treatment at low energy density. It has become one of the main methods to improve skin aging. This technology can significantly improve skin wrinkles, rough texture, irregular pigmentation, and enlarged pores, and has been recognized by many technical professionals and beauty seekers. Research has found that LED light from visible light to near-infrared penetrates the skin epidermis and reaches the dermis layer. Through photothermal and photochemical reactions, it promotes the regeneration and rearrangement of elastic fibers and collagen fibers, thereby reducing skin wrinkles and increasing elasticity.
In addition, LED light can detect skin diseases, promote the growth of epithelial cells after trauma, and promote wound healing. At the same time, it also has a good therapeutic effect on the healing of chronic ulcers in the lower limbs of diabetes patients. A series of studies have shown that LED has anti-inflammatory effects in reducing inflammation. The side effects of radiotherapy can be alleviated by using LED light source to irradiate the patients with breast cancer and skin cancer before radiotherapy.

In summary, COB LED, as a new type of light source, has been gradually applied in skin cosmetic medicine, and its high safety will have unlimited prospects in this application.

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