COB LED for Drones

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With the maturity of artificial intelligence, sensing technology, and control system technology, the drone industry has developed rapidly in recent years. From traditional entertainment aerial photography, it has rapidly developed into agricultural plant protection, surveying, intelligent power detection, takeaway delivery, and other industries. The industry has also expanded from consumer electronics to smart agriculture, oil and gas, water conservancy, forestry, and express transportation, with huge market potential, becoming an important field in today’s society.

With the development of technology, drones have become an indispensable part of today’s society. The use of drones has brought convenience to various tasks, but in dark environments, the lighting of drones is more important. As part of the drone, COB LEDs play a very important role. COB LED can not only improve flight safety, but also meet the needs of aerial photography. It can improve our shooting results and better record the images we want. COB can be designed in any shape, and customized electrical parameters are also very advantageous for drone applications. In addition, COB LED is different from traditional light bulbs in that it has a long lifespan, low energy consumption, and does not generate excess heat. It is an environmentally friendly and suitable light source. This is precisely why drones are equipped with COB LEDs.

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The flashing mode of LED lights is programmed, which means that the 5 colors of the lights can flash in any combination. This mode is commonly used for indication/warning and position recognition, so that the controller of the drone can better view the location and status of the drone. For example, when locking GPS, The LED light will quickly flash green; When the flight altitude is abnormal, The LED light will quickly flash red. Meanwhile, The flashing mode of LED lights can also be used for drone shooting, for example, the flashing blue light indicates that the drone is shooting.

LED lights can produce various colored lighting effects, such as common red, green, blue, and white. For drone shooting, The diversity of LED lights allows us to create a variety of lighting effects, resulting in a more comprehensive shooting effect. For example, some photographers use drone LED lights to create beautiful lighting patterns during drone flight. It is precisely because of the advantages of LED lights that they can create various lighting effects.

UV COB LED is also installed on drones, sprayed with ultraviolet light for sterilization and disinfection at subway stations and trains, serving as a space sanitation treatment system. It flies smoothly around the station and emits UV LED light in the subway, efficiently and effectively cleaning surface bacteria while purifying the air, providing comprehensive sanitation services.

Loading light sources on the drone body is not only beneficial for pilots to safely control flight, but also enhances the nighttime operational range of the drone, achieving nighttime search and rescue. At present, nighttime search and rescue are mainly carried out through unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with infrared detectors, but it is often difficult to achieve rapid transmission of on-site information and accurate judgment of search and rescue targets. The drone equipped with COB LED lighting system can serve as a “guiding light” for search and rescue personnel. After discovering the search and rescue target, the operator only needs to keep the drone shining in the area to guide the ground rescue personnel to the location of the target person, which to some extent improves rescue efficiency.
COB LED has gradually become a common application in drone applications and is playing its important advantages.

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