Chip-On-Board LED Logo Design

Chip-On-Board LED Logo

These Chip-on-Board Led logos are very small and innovative product, especially customized for our customers. it comes in many different shapes,sizes and colors, and produce higher brightness with lower power. these COB LED comes with aluminum metal back which act as heat dissipating area for the Led.

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One of the biggest advantages of the COB LED technology is that it can produce more lights or higher brightness with lower power consumption per square inch when compared to the DIP and SMD LED technologies. This is made possible because COB LED chips take up fewer spaces.
Another reason that COB LED chips can be mounted closely together is that it has superior performance in heat dissipation. The aluminium or ceramic substrate of the COB LED chip is a great medium that contributes to higher efficiency in heat conductivity.

Chip On Board” LED (COB) is the most advanced LED. It has this name because it is directly attached to the circuit board. This is achieved by so-called “bundling” which attaches chips though a fully automatic process on the gold-plated PCB. The contact to the opposite pole is achieved via a gold or aluminium wire. As COB LEDs do not use reflectors or lens optics, the beam angle of the emitted light is very wide. The greatest advantages of COB technology are the high illuminating power, the homogenous illumination and the numerous areas of application.

We supporting arbitrary shape Chip-on-board LED Design and Production, COB LED are available in the widest range of sizes, designs, and colours, depending on requirements.
Whatever the thinking you have, any about the Chip-on-Board LED logos, signs, numbers, letters, and so on, we are very wish to supply our best custom service based on our prefessional COB technology.

We customize COB products that meet the requirements for different projects.
After we preliminarily understand the exact requirements of the project, for example: overall dimension,power, color, etc. we will evaluate the cost of each unit.
The copyright of every COB customization project we contact is private, and it will not spread to the market. this is the basic business behavior.

We help our customers from idea to protype, so welcome your inquiry.

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