RGBYW COB LED Multiple Colors Array


Custom COB LED which can do multiple colors in a randomized array, like RGBYW COB LED.

The goal is that the chips can be able to change colors from red, to blue, to green, to yellow, and to white, change to each other. or any other colors you want to change.
Even distribution of each color, or any ratio you want. and can guarantee maximum brightness possible within physical size.

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We design full color COB LED RGBW/RGBYW features great color consistency and high flux output, standard industry package design, red, green, blue, yellow, white, five colors in one. Well-known brand chip material, red copper based and 99.99% gold wire bonding, energy-saving and more efficient than incandescent and most halogen lamps.

Product Features:

RGBYW COB LED Chip custom power, custom LES.
Well-known brand chip material, 99.99% gold wire bonding.
Great color consistency and high quality.
R, G, B, Y, W, five colors in one package.
High luminous output.

Typical Applications
Decorative, entertainment stage light, bollard light, indoor/outdoor commercial light, architecture light, swimming pool light, garden light, automotive light, stop lamp, tail lamp, turn lamp.

Come on and let me know your idea.

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