Custom COB LED In Strange Shape

Easy Custom,Low MOQ,Fast Delivery COB LED

Look! we can make chip-on-board LED of any shape,custom COB LED in strange shape.

We design and produce thousands of unique COB LED for every different style.Shiningeasy offers a full line-up of custom COB LED products to suit all lighting,warning, curing and disinfection applications.

Chip on board(COB) or Flip Chip on board(FCOB) is a manufacturing method in which the chip is wired and directly bonded to the printed circuit board.This allows a dense arrangement of chips close to each other.
Our specialty is to design and develop cob LED products of any shape,color and size,custom COB LED in strange shape to satisfy your special project’s requirements.

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We are high quality China COB LED manufacturer make a success to customization upon your request.
When you have a new project,you can contact us to turn the idea into a prototype.Our engineers will use rich COB design experience to discuss and communicate the COB products that best meet the needs of the project.

Custom COB LED in strange shape,COB LED lighting design,development,prototyping and manufacture.When you work with us to create a custom lighting solution,we know you need to test the product or part before moving into full production. we offer prototyping as part of our services.This means that after you work out a design with your Account Manager,our engineering team will create a prototype of the design for you to test and approve. If it doesn’t meet your specifications as requested,we will modify the design until it does.We’ll test the prototype,too, to make sure it passes our strict quality standards.

To support our clients in the adoption of our LED COB technology,SHININGEASY has a strong focus on increasing industry capacity via skills and product training,information & data management ( Green and Environmental Protection,energy savings etc) and project results analysis.

So believe we can bring you what you want,chat your COB idea with us now.

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