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LED angel eyes are a type of headlights. After opening, it is a halo shape, just like the halo on the angel’s head, so someone called it angel eyes. LED angel eye was first used in BMW as a driving light, which is what we call a “small light” in daily life. At present, it is mainly used as decoration.

In the refitting market, we can divide angel eyes into two categories in terms of light sources, LED light source angel eyes and CCFL cathode tube angel eyes. CCFL angel eye occupied the main market share before 2014 because of its soft, uniform light color and rich and diverse colors.

“Angel eye” was originally used in BMW 5 Series cars, but now it has generally referred to this type of lamp, which has nothing to do with the brand.
At first, angel eye was the nickname of BMW headlights. When the headlights are turned on, there will be a halo in BMW’s headlights. Angel eyes are headlights with different colors of light, often to attract people’s attention. Now not only BMW can be installed, but any car can be replaced.

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At present, angel eyes are divided into three types:

1. The cold cathode tube is made of glass, and its structure is similar to that of a fluorescent lamp. It is driven by a ballast, and its brightness is very high. Its effect can be seen in the daytime. Its service life is generally 3-5 years, Its glass outer tube is easy to break, and its brightness is not high enough, so it needs high-voltage drive.

2. The main representative of the light guide fiber type is BMW’s angel eye. This aperture uses the light guide fiber to transmit the light source to the circular plexiglass rod for illumination. The light source is placed outside the headlamp assembly, and it is easy to replace if it is broken. Generally, the car refitting this kind of angel eye in the market is the disassembly part of BMW. Of course, you can make it yourself, but the brightness of the light source is worse.

3.LED angel eys, especially cob led angel eyes has become the mainstream product in the world,

Mainly because of its many advantages:

1. Superior performance:COB technology eliminates the requirements for the connection of leading wire,increases the connection density of I/O,makes the product’s performance more reliable and stable.
2. Higher integration level:the pin connection between the chip and the application circuit board is eliminated,improved the integration of the product.
3. Smaller volume:it reduces the volume of COB Application module and expands the application space of COB module.
4. Usability and simplified technical process:COB board eliminates the welding and other process that must be passed when using the chip;reduces the difficulty of product use;simplifies the product process and enhances product ease of use.
5. Lower cost:COB technology is directly packaged on PCB board,the design of user board is simpler;which can be realized only by single-layer board;effectively reducing the cost of the embedded products.

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