COB LED For Automobile Light

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COB LED has been the mainstream solution for Automobile lighting,After fixing issues of low luminous efficiency, severe light-induced degradation, and low reliability, COB LED entered the market in 2010 and became the new rising star in the Automobile lighting sector.

COB LED, as a mature light source, is used for lighting, curing and warning, medical and signage so many industry. However, applications of automotive lighting that use COB LED are very wonderful. Chip-on-Board (COB) LED is one of package types adopted in automotive lighting.Our Chip-On-Board LED For Automobile Light product>>

There are four advantages of COB LED products in the automotive lighting sector:

First, the thermal resistance is lower, and the reliability is thus higher.

Next, COB LED is an integrated surface light source. It emits light evenly, without double images. This feature meets the requirements of automotive lighting.

Third, COB LED’s luminous density is high, featuring strong transmittance. Objects some distance away can be well lit by COB LEDs.

Fourth, COB LED automotive headlights cover a long distance, providing drivers a vision as wide as possible even at night to enhance driving safety.

Shiningeasy have the ability to customize COB LED for the automotive light.Rich experience in production management and cost control will bring you the most competitive price and high-quality products.From an idea to prototype production,we as one of China special shape COB LED manufacturer have the barrier-free product design and manufacturing capabilities to help you to success in your automotive application.

Our COB LED product For Automobile Light video>>

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