UVC LED Strip Multi-UV Wavelengths Combine

UVC LED PCB For Curing&Sterilization UVC LED Strip

UVC LED strip with a total germicidal action,for the sanitization and disinfection of surfaces and environments.
The germicidal power of UVC rays acts in 20 minutes 1 meter away from the surface we want to sanitize,eliminating all kinds of micro-organism,viruses and bacteria,including COVID-19.
It’s a reliable and portable disinfection solution that allows you to disinfect almost anything.

It is UV LED chips mounted on a linear flexible strip of printed circuit board (PCB).the flexible design of LED strips allows for the addition of UV light to basically any space you can imagine.Though they are not extremely powerful LEDs,they are not meant to be directly stared into for prolonged periods of time.

We are committed to custom personalized UV/UVC LED strip.at the same time,we are supply 365nm uv led chip.we design and develop LED PCB with various personalized needs,such as multi UV waveband and multiple optical power combination LED PCB.and has a variety of mature UV curing (365-405nm) and sterilization (270-280nm) solutions.Our UVC LED PCB Product>>

We have the ability to customize UVC LED strip.Rich experience in production management and cost control will bring you the most competitive price and high-quality products.From an idea to prototype production,we as one of China special shape LED manufacturer have the barrier-free product design and manufacturing capabilities to help you to success in your application.Go To See Our UVC LED Strip Video>>

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