What Are COB LEDs


What Are COB LEDs?

COB LED,that is,chip-on-board LED,is to adhere the bare chip to the interconnection substrate with conductive or non-conductive adhesive, and then conduct wire bonding to realize its electrical connection.

The traditional LED: “LED light source discrete device → MCPCB light source module → LED lamp” is mainly due to the lack of ready-made and suitable core light source components, which is not only labor-consuming and time-consuming, but also high cost.

COB LED package “cob light source module → LED lamp”, which can directly package multiple chips on the metal based printed circuit board MCPCB and dissipate heat directly through the substrate, saving the primary packaging cost of LED,the manufacturing cost of optical engine module and the secondary light distribution cost.
In terms of efficiency, through reasonable design and microlens modeling,cob light source module can effectively avoid the disadvantages of point light,glare and so on in the combination of discrete light source devices; It can also effectively improve the color rendering of the light source without significantly reducing the efficiency and service life of the light source by adding an appropriate combination of red chips.

COB LED light source refers to the bonding and packaging of chips directly on the whole substrate,that is,n chips are integrated on the inner substrate for packaging.It is mainly used to solve the problem of manufacturing high-power LED lamps with low-power chips.It can disperse the heat dissipation of chips,improve the light efficiency,and improve the glare effect of LED at the same time.Cob has high luminous flux density,less glare and soft light.It sends out a uniformly distributed light surface.

What Are COB LEDs?COB LED can be simply understood as integrated surface light source,and the light output area and overall dimension of the light source can be designed according to the product shape and structure.Our COB LED Product>>

Product features:

  • Electrical stability, scientific and reasonable circuit design,optical design and heat dissipation design;
  • The heat sink technology is adopted to ensure that the LED has the industry-leading heat flux maintenance rate (95%).
  • Facilitate the secondary optical matching of products and improve the lighting quality.
  • High color rendering, uniform luminescence,no spot,health and environmental protection.
  • The utility model has the advantages of simple installation and convenient use,reduces the difficulty of lamp design,and saves the cost of processing and subsequent maintenance.

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