Custom COB LED Letters


We supply chip-on-board LED Letters design with various shapes and sizes, and has a variety of COB LED technologies to realize logos, numbers etc.
These custom chip-on-board LED Letters are very suitable for any indoor and outdoor application, no matter how precise your requirements are, there are customized COB LED letter solutions for you.

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You can custom any text, color and size as required, we can customize different kinds of patterns or letters. any small or large size is available.
it with extremely long life and stability. 2V/9V/12V/24V low voltage available. Uniform light emission, good consistency, no light spot, waterproof, flexible bending products can be provided, and the product application is flexible to meet customer needs for various designs.
The overall dimension and shape can be customized according to the project requirements, and the dimension is accurate to 0.1mm.

Let us provide you custom COB LED Letters with your own special requirements to provide your with the contemporary design choices demand of you.
Come on to tell us about your projects.

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