What Parameters Do Custom LED COB have?

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ShiningEasy focuses on the field of Custom LED COB, and has rich experience in design and development of RGB COB LED, 12V COB LED and other specific products, and is committed to solving the project’s requirements for different shapes, special electrical properties, different optics and other details of special COB LEDs.

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Compared with the conventional process, COB LED process has high packaging density and simple process. COB small spacing is a general term for the spacing of points below 1.0mm, because SMD packaged products are difficult to break through the spacing below 1.0mm, COB can. COB and SMD are both packaging methods. The difference is that COB packaging process is simple, without too many restrictions, and the spacing can be smaller; SMD packaging is limited by physical limits and cannot achieve smaller spacing.

Custom LED COB can achieve the special shape, special electrical and special optical requirements required by the project and is popular in the market, personalized voltage, special shape dimensions, etc. can maximize the specific requirements of different projects, help each project achieve higher commercial value.

Custom LED COB is simple and easy, the basic parameters we need to communicate are: size, LES, colors, voltage, current, color temperature, CRI etc.
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