High-Power COB LED Board For Imaging System

Custom high-power COB LED board

COB is a single light emitting module composed of multiple LED chips directly fixed to the substrate by the manufacturer, because COB light source uses multiple LED chips directly fixed to the heat dissipation substrate, it is different from the traditional LED packaging method. Therefore, the space occupied by these LED chips after packaging is extremely small, and closely combined LED chips can maximize the efficient lighting, with higher reliability.

Therefore, based on COB’s small area and high power, it is particularly suitable for equipment fill light, photography, medical and beauty industry’s imaging systems.

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COB LED light source of medical equipment photography beauty imaging system refers to that the chip is directly bound and packaged on the whole substrate, and N chips are integrated for packaging, it is mainly used to solve the problem of low-power chip manufacturing high-power LED, and can disperse the heat dissipation of the chip.

It’s high power up to 3000W, high CRI>97, high lumen output, high luminous efficiency, long service life, use high-quality ultra-high thermal conductivity copper substrate, excellent heat dissipation performance, size, light-emitting surface can be customized, compatible with your equipment. the imported high temperature resistant sealing glue is used, the COB colloid surface temperature can withstand up to 280℃, with stable structure and low thermal resistance.

The important is our COB LED can customize different specifications, such as custom size, shape, LES, driving current, lumen, power (W), color temperature, spectrum, color rendering index and chips brand etc.

We are professional custom high-power COB LED board for Photography Medical Beauty Imaging system, our professional level will definitely perfectly upgrade your system.

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