COB LED Solutions For Professional Equipment

high-power COB LED board Array

Chip-on-board LED has the characteristics of large lighting area, good thermal management, uniform brightness, energy saving, high density, etc., so its application is more and more. its remarkable advantages in stability, luminous effect, power consumption and other aspects have laid a foundation for the rapid promotion of COB packaging in some specific market areas.
In particular, our personalized chip integrated COB module provides great convenience for the design and production of some individual application equipment products.

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For example, the current medical equipment application fields that LED can cover include psychotherapy, UV curing, POT treatment, photochemistry, beauty and skin rejuvenation, and disease treatment, and the medical application fields corresponding to different wavelengths are different, such as disinfection and sterilization, biochemical instruments, and phototherapy instruments, infrared physiotherapy instrument, medical endoscope, surgical shadowless lamp and surgical microscope are all in different wavelength range, and different wavelengths also make COB LED light source applicable to various medical fields.

We can supply COB LED lighting design and solutions for professional equipment in many fields, we offers a comprehensive range of COB LED solutions for global markets as well as high-output specialty lighting solutions for performance-driven markets including consumer goods, entertainment lighting and medical applications etc.
We can custom COB LED shape, electrical property, optics, special spectrum, high CRI, all will around the best application effect of the equipment, design COB LED that meets the requirements.

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