How Does COB Light Strips Connect Into Big Circle?

COB LED strip8

This is a fantastic question that we always get here at our design work often.
Custom COB light strip, we can supply different shape with super-large mechanical size splicing design to perfectly solve the ultra-long distance luminous uniformity.

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Many customers will have the demand for big circle, after our design, it is made up of many COB LED strips.
The COB light strips are spliced into a large circle, aiming to realize the fast and high strength butt joint between COB LED strips, it includes several parallel strip-shaped boards, which are equipped with fluorescent colloid, and connecting solder pads on both sides of the fluorescent colloid. it has one luminous area, the luminous area is provided with a luminous element and fluorescent colloid covering the luminous element, and the two sides of the luminous area are provided with connecting solder pads.

By combining multiple COB light strips together and setting notches and solder pads at the head and tail ends of each strip, it is possible to realize the punching of multiple strips, ensure that the head and tail ends of each COB LED strip form the same size of notches, facilitate the rapid docking of the subsequent strips in pairs, improve the efficiency and strength of the docking of the COB LED strips, and also realize the good docking of the fluorescent colloid of the two COB LED strip, reduce the docking gap.
Because of continuous phosphor coating, COB LED strip no single light point, and they can output uniform light, so they can achieve the luminous effect of no light point without plastic cover.

We use the latest manufacturing technology and equipment, combined with the unique fluorescent powder coating technology we use, so that our COB LED strips has good light and color consistency.
If you also have custom requirements of oversized COB LED, please contact us immediately, our splicing design will definitely make you refreshing and perfectly upgrated your project.

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