How About COB LED Light Source In Bike Industry?

Custom COB LED12

For friends who like to ride at night, it is necessary to install lights for bicycles. However, the urban road conditions with more motor vehicles, due to the road is good and there are many cars, it is obvious that everyone is not afraid of crashing into the wall, but is afraid of rear-end collision.
A tail light with strong penetration and excellent performance is more important. if necessary, it can give early warning to the rear motor vehicle drivers to ensure the safety of riding.

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So the COB LED customized for the bicycle tail light came out. the COB LED light source for the bicycle tail light warning light has the advantages of soft light, beautiful appearance, simple circuit design, high cost efficiency, saving system space, remarkable heat dissipation effect, uniform color emission, no color spots and dark areas, and reasonable density distribution. However, its light quality improvement effect is unmatched by a single high-power device on the market at present, there is considerable development potential in the market of COB LED lighting sources for lighting auxiliary low-power applications.

We can custom the size, shape, color, lighting mode and so on of COB LED for bicycle tail lights. with uniform lighting, high reliability and perfect after-sales service.

We are lighting up the world step by step with our COB LED, welcome your enquiry now.

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