What voltage is COB LED?

COB LED voltage

LED COB(Chip On Board) is a type of LED that is made from an array of smaller LEDs combined into on package. they are useful because they can be bigger, brighter and simpler than single LEDs.

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The LED’s power (in Watts) is simply the forward voltage (in Volts) multiplied by the current (in Amps), you may have seen this written as: P = IV and it’s the basic formula for electrical power. In practice the voltage will vary a little as the current is changed, but you can assume it’s fixed.

Usually, we set the COB LED voltage to 3V/6V/9V/12V/24V etc according to the requirements, more working voltage can be customize according to your requirements.

The flexible design of COB LED voltage meets the different requirements of most projects, which also makes the overall design of the project more flexible and not limited by COB LED voltage and others parameters. in practical cases, we have provided convenient technical support and strong project support for many projects with different requirements, making the entire project more commercial value and create good profits for customers.

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We customize arbitrary shape COB LED products for different projects, design every product that perfectly meets the application based on the different detail requirements of different projects for COB LED.

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