What is the benefit of COB LED?

COB LED benefit

Simply put, COB LED’s benefit are brighter, consume less power, and output a higher quality beam of light compared to older LED technologies. COB LEDs are small, flexible, and power-efficient,high luminous efficiency, and low production cost etc. they also have excellent heat dissipation when paried with an LED heatsink.

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1. Condensed dimension
The gap between each LED chip is fairly narrow that the whole size of the COB LED module is quite compact. this provides great flexibility for utilizing it in diverse places.

2. High efficiency
In comparison to older lightings, COB LED chip has a higher watt ratio. It produces a large number of lumens per watt that can reach 150 while traditional one can only offer 20-50 lumens per watt.

3. Great uniformity
The brightness comes from it is comparatively uniform. when illuminating a subject, it brings a clean and distinct shadow outline. This makes it well suited for creating special lighting effects in shooting, thus it gains popularity from photographers and filmmakers.

4. Strong intensity
Because an array of light emitting diodes is mounted on one substrate, the density is higher than other LED chips, which means strong light intensity.

5. Less heat
Because of design simplicity, COB light contains fewer components than traditional ones. Hence, the heat generated by the components is relatively low compared to conventional lights.

So COB LED’s benefit has the characteristics of good luminous uniformity, high luminous efficiency, good heat dissipation effect, and low production cost etc. using COB LED technology will increase the number of LED light chips many times, and can also greatly reduce the footprint and energy consumption of the LED light array while keep the light output constant.

The important is that it can be design according to the project requirements to meet the application’s shape and size, and design the details of electrical parameters etc. that meet the requirements.

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