Which is Better SMD or COB LED?


LED SMD light source is a single SMD LED bead, COB light source integrates multiple LED chips and is packaged as a whole, resulting in smaller volume and higher brightness compared to LED SMD light sources of the same power.

The difference between SMD and COB:
1 Different technologies
SMD: SMD is an abbreviation for Surface Mounted Devices, meaning: Surface Mount Devices. It is a type of SMT (Surface Mount Technology) component. It is to fix the LED chip on the solder pad of the lamp bead bracket with conductive and insulating adhesive, and then use conductivity welding. After performance testing, it is wrapped with epoxy resin adhesive, and then subjected to light splitting, cutting, and tape weaving.
COB: COB (chip On board) is bonded to the printed circuit board, which directly fixes the LED chip on the solder pad of the PCB lamp bead position with conductive and insulating adhesive. Then, the LED chip conductivity is welded, and after testing, it is sealed with epoxy resin adhesive.

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2 Different costs
1. SMD : Traditional SMD lamp beads require approximately 15% of the material cost in terms of labor and manufacturing costs.
2. COB LED: The labor and manufacturing costs of COB LED Beads account for approximately 10% of the material cost. Using COB LED Beads can save 5% in labor and manufacturing costs.

3 Different low thermal resistance
1. SMD: The system thermal resistance for traditional SMD lamp bead applications is: chip – solid crystal adhesive – solder joint – solder paste – copper foil – insulation layer – aluminum material.
2. COB: The system thermal resistance of COB-LED Beads is: chip solid crystal adhesive aluminum material. The system thermal resistance of COB LED beads is much lower than that of traditional SMD beads, greatly improving the lifespan of LEDs.

SMD and COB LEDs choose suitable solutions based on different application environments. relatively speaking, COB LEDs have more uniform luminous effect, while SMD performs better in some special wave bands, such as UV and UVC applications.

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