Do COB LEDs Need Drivers?

COB LED For Bike Tail Light

COB light source can be simply understood as high-power integrated surface light source, and the output area and external dimensions of the light source can be designed based on the product’s external structure.

We customize arbitrary shape or color COB products that meet the requirements for different projects.
For a new COB customization project, we need to know the overall dimensions, working voltage, color, power and other details of COB products required by the project.

COB light source is an integrated chip and also a type of chip, it needs drivers, the drive power supply that meets the working electrical requirements of COB LED is required.

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COB LED lights require drivers’ protection.
1. As LED is a characteristic sensitive semiconductor device with negative temperature characteristics, LED driving power supply (also called driver) is to protect it in stable working state during application.
2. LED devices have almost strict requirements for driving power supply, unlike ordinary incandescent bulbs can be directly connected to 220V AC mains power. LED is low-voltage driver, and complex conversion circuits must be designed. different LED light source for different purposes must be equipped with different power adapters.
A good power supply must comprehensively consider factors such as efficiency conversion, effective power, constant current accuracy, power supply life, and electromagnetic compatibility, because the role of the power supply in the entire lamp is as important as that of a human heart.

COB LEDs are necessarily require drivers to function, and require consistent and constant drivers, the best way to maintain a current to a COB LED is through a driver.

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