Ring-Shaped COB For Bike Safety Light Tail Light


We are custom COB LED factory for Bike light,like Ring-Shaped COB for bicycle’s Safety Light Signal Light Rear Light Tail Light Turn Light,this Ring-Shaped COB is a beauitful ring-shaped and have two colors,it’s lighting methods have many different ways,all you can custom it.let us know your cool Ring-Shaped COB design,we can make it only for you,Our COB product for Bike light>>

Various colors such as R/B/Y can realize,the board can small angle bending to meet special bending applications with higher requirements.
Wide range of sizes,color temperature and power.creating a fashionable energy-saving solution for all kinds of LED related fields.

Shiningeasy is proud to serve the customization industry by providing our custom design and manufacture services of LED COB related products,COB LED can be customized in different colors,sizes and electrical properties according to project requirements.

We utilising COB (Chips-on-Board LED) lighting technology provides you with clear light in a compact package for safety.
We are focusing on the research of custom COB LED chip with special shapes for rear light,warning light,signal light of bicycle.

The latest Chip On Board (COB) LEDs offer a host of benefits,we offers a comprehensive consultation, design and supply service.
and ensure that wherever you use COB LEDs,we can be certain that it will fit the dimensions of your system perfectly.

LED chips are closely arranged in the PCB board.when it turns on,it is going to form you a complete aperture,like a beautiful ring.this kinds of shapes are popular for headlight,taillight and warning light of course,but you can also integrate into other cool designs.Or use for anything else where you need a bright,and thin LED circle ring.

The surface of COB LED is waterproof,so the important thing is the COBs can be protected and can be used for a longer time.

The intelligent function makes cycling safer,improving riding safety.we know all things of COB LED technology for intelligent bike lights.

Welcome your distinctive ideas for urban riding,Go to see our COB product video for Bike light>>

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