The Excellent Advantages of COB LED Chip

Custom COB LED Strip

The advent of chip-on-board (COB) LED provides such an alternative.they have the following advantages over classical construction of LEDs:the possibility of greater unit capacity; smaller size;direct integration on board; Lower price;better temperature management and etc.

Custom special shape COB Chip,which can design any shape,personalized electrical property,color temperature and other details according to the application environment,The overall dimension and shape can be customized according to the project requirements.Our Chip-On-Board LED>>

High efficacy chip on board LED solution.
-Best luminous and color uniformity.
-Enables halogen replacement.
-Offers a variety of watts for choosing.
-Suitable for using with secondary optics (lens and reflector)
-High Lm/w,High CRI,High reliability,Long service life as 50.000hours.

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Our LEDs have advanced production line,First-class technical engineers to maintain the high quality product which can save up 90% in energy costs.Specializes in the manufacturing of innovative, next-generation LED COB solutions that improve quality,improve efficiency, and enhance the environment through reduced energy consumption.Using standard CRI index to design color points of light.The COB products we produce have the high CRI.Using thermoelectric separation of substrate,The heat dissipating performance is good.Thermal resistance < 2.5℃

We cooperate with world-class chip manufacturers like Bridgelux,Epistar, Lumileds and Seoul Semiconductor etc.SHININGEASY’s goal is to serve the growing needs for energy-efficient,sustainable lighting and smart control solutions.

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