China Customization Factory Of COB LED Chip


Shiningeasy is the LED overall comprehensive solutions manufacturer from China with a difference.We provide technical expertise,account support,testing services and outstanding results-all as part of manufacturing principles.We are a professional custom signs chip-on-board LED manufacturer,we solve problems about personalised LED COB light for customers.

Shiningeasy designs,develops and manufactures cutting edge Custom COB LED solutions with an emphasis on quality and delivering value.Custom Lighting Solutions,China leading customization manufacturer of Chip-on-Board LED.Our Arbitrary Shape COB product>>

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For 13 years we’ve manufactured LED solutions focussed on innovation,quality and providing superior service. Our knowledge and expertise allows us to tackle diverse industry applications and deliver results.

We work with our customers to manufacture the best-LED solutions for a wide range of applications.With our custom approach,we can deliver exactly what you need whilst remaining cost effective and timely.The core of all our business has always been – innovative design,superior quality and outstanding service.

As we enter our 14th year in business we continue to deliver impressive solutions and remain as innovative as ever.

LED COB design,development,prototyping and manufacture.We are a creative and knowledgeable product development partner to collaborate with you to help take your concepts to the next level.Whether the next level is design to the point of prototype,COB design services,a functional prototype,or manufacturing ready design;our engineering and COB design services personnel will partner with you to success .

A Recognized Leader in Engineering Development,Rapid Prototyping & PCB Design Services.Please contact us with your individual LED will get the perfect LED COB & PCB products that are completely customized for you.

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