LED COB Customization Process

led cob for bike tail light

With our custom approach,we can deliver exactly what you need whilst remaining cost effective and timely.The core of all our business has always been – innovative design,superior quality and outstanding service.

From an idea to prototype production,we have the barrier-free product design and manufacturing capabilities to help you to success in your LED COB application.

Our services:

–Customize your own LED COB and SMD PCB (printed circuit board), in line with the exclusive project products!

–Complete electronic circuit,schematic design,technical solutions.

–SCM development,software design,program’s burn CD-ROM and other technical support

–Provide complete set of hardware and software solutions,according to your ideas,qualitative development and design

–Any LED COB that meets your needs,we will try our best to design and customize it!


The customization process of COB:

Our COB product’s custom process>>

1.Submit your target specs

According to specific projects,propose the overall dimensions of COB(It is better to provide CAD drawings or dimension diagrams),electrical parameters, color and other detailed requirements;

2.In-depth feasibility

Describe the needs of the project in detail,and we will provide effective suggestions based on experience;discuss the product feasibility and preliminarily determine the design scheme;

3.Let’s start

Pay design and development expenses;


Design and produce prototypes for project testing,provide you with an exact solution that will match your target specs;

5.Mass Production

When you’re satisfy with your prototype,let’s move to mass production and we will supply continuous after-sales service.

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