One-Stop Solution For SMD LED PCB Circuit Board

LED PCB board

We are a professional custom SMD LED PCB/COB LED manufacturer,and we provide custom PCB LED design service for our customers’ project.Shiningeasy designs,develops and manufactures cutting edge LED PCB board solutions with an emphasis on quality and delivering value.Our LED PCB Board product>>

For 12 years we’ve manufactured LED light circuit board solutions focussed on innovation,quality and providing superior service.Our knowledge and expertise allows us to tackle diverse industry applications and deliver results.

In order to meet the needs of different projects of customers,Shiningeasy provides special design and customization services.We provide LED circuit board products that meet the requirements for different projects in the fields of lighting,medical sterilization,curing,plant growth and so on.We always provide satisfactory PCB LED light solutions to customers.

We design,manufacture and supply a variety of LED PCB solutions in the fields of lighting,sterilization,curing,plant growth for all your requirements.We have a range of standard solutions that we manufacture to order.

We also offer bespoke,custom solutions that are designed and manufactured specifically for your application.Whether it is lighting,medical sterilization,curing and other fields.

Our company as China MCPCB LED Custom Manufacturer supplier factory customize your own LED bulb circuit board,smd LED PCB board,led pcb assembly and related product overall scheme.Provide complete electronic circuit design, solutions.

Help customers use your good ideas to achieve the ultimate business value To provide a complete set of hardware solutions,according to the ideas provided by customers,qualitative development and design.

Realize your idea Simple and reliable LED PCB board panel Custom solution. Built to the highest standard with optimal PCB materials,the range caters for all budgets and light requirements.

Simple and effective low energy LED aluminum PCB lighting solutions suitable for a variety of applications.With the ability to manufacture a completely custom finished solution for you,We can enhance your application today.Go to see our LED PCB Board video>>


Manufacturing Process:

  • Initial Project Proposal

We get in deep from the start. The point of custom is that it’s just for you, so we need to understand exactly what you need.The beauty of our custom solutions is they are tailored for you and so is the process.

  • Design According to the customer’s idea, our engineers will express their ideas on paper for the first time according to their rich design experience,Through continuous discussion with customers, modify and improve the scheme, and finally design the products that customers are satisfied.
  • Prototyping Once design is complete we’ll produce production representative prototypes that allow for testing and final design verification.When you’re happy you like what you see we’ll move seamlessly into volume production.
  • Volume Manufacturing State of the art manufacturing capabilities of custom LED PCB.

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